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When you need your job handled to the highest standard, turn to roofing contractors at our company in Johnston, Pennsylvania. At Chapple Bros Roofing & Spouting, we are proud to be the oldest company in the area.

Early Beginnings
Started by Charles and Richard Chapple in 1920, our company has gone through various stages of development throughout the year. Our goal has remained the same - to provide the top service to homes and businesses throughout the area.

Changing with the times
In 1966, George and William (Charles's sons) split Chapple Brothers into two companies - Chapple Brothers, a roofing company owned by George, and Chapple Inc., a sheet metal company owned by William. After many years of success, George sold his company to his son David and foreman Robert in 1992. In 2003, David acquired the rest of the company and turned Chapple Brothers into a sole proprietorship once again. It has continued to grow and succeed to this day.

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